Venturing to Buy the Roadmaster

Well me and my dad made the trip out to buy the Roadmaster. We bussed overnight to Kansas City and it was absolutely terrible. I will try to never ride a bus again. It was worth it though. I really love my car. 

This was my first time seeing her. It was like seeing heaven after that bus ride. It was in about the condition I expected. There will be lots of little projects and a couple big ones. It will definitely keep me busy for a few years. 

The ride back was smooth and comfortable. We had a good time. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the ride, even though we were pretty tired. It also gave us a good chance to get to know the car. 

And....we're home! I am so excited about this car. It's going to be freakin bast. I already love it more than any car I have ever owned. 

Picking up a New Whip

So big news (for me at least): I just bought bus tickets for me and my dad to Kansas City to buy one of my dream cars. It is a 1994 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. 

I know a lot of people may laugh, but this car is big, comfortable, classy, and powered by a 5.7l LT1 V8. It's the same motor they put in the Corvettes of the era. It's also the last in a long line of full-size, rear-wheel-drive cars made by GM. It is a piece of automotive history. 

I have big plans for this baby. I can't wait to have a project to work on again. We are bussing out overnight this Sunday and driving back on Monday so I will keep you posted! 

Black and White

This is my first roll of black and white film in a long time. Its actually Illford XP2 so it is processed as color film which makes it super easy for me to get processed at the lab I use. I like the way most of them look. I am more of a color guy still I think, but this is fun every once in awhile for sure. 

Bathroom have to have at least one or two on every roll. 

These are the guys that keep me loaded up with film and process my stuff. They do a good job for a crazy good price.